Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eyehategod Live DVD

It’s been over a month since I’ve made a post on the blog, but the new Eyehategod DVD was released on Tuesday and surprisingly my local music store actually had it, so I figured I’d do a quick write-up about it. After seeing Eyehategod live last year in Cambridge, Mass I had an idea of how awesome it was going to be, and it definitely did not disappoint me. This is the best sludge band ever and while they are great on every album, they are a band that needs to be experienced live to be fully appreciated. The volume at which they play and the amount of feedback their music is drenched in puts you in another state when you see them live. The set lists for both the Cleveland and Baltimore shows are perfect, the band plays live staples such as “Sister Fucker (Part 1)” and “Jackass in the Will of God”, while also playing some songs that don’t get played live as often, like “Dogs Holy Life” and “Crimes Against Skin” (which they admit to not playing in years). Besides the two full sets, the DVD also has some bonus features: 3 songs from a set in Vienna Austria and videos for “Sister Fucker,” “Age of Bootcamp,” and “Anxiety Hangover.” This DVD might not be a substitute for seeing them in person, but it is essential viewing for any fan of the band that IS sludge metal.

Order here.

Watch the newest trailer in which the band plays "Masters of Legalized Confusion":

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