Thursday, March 10, 2011

Face Off on Syfy - Episode Seven

Nine Six to five.

I found this week's episode to be not all that fun. The Spotlight, and only, Challenge for this episode was for the contestants to disguise themselves and take the role of a wig shop employee. On top of that, a family member or loved one of each of the contestants was flown in and told that they were helping their respective contestant with a challenge by picking out wigs. The whole point was for the contestants to interact with their loved ones and have them notice that it was actually them. This episode challenged the contestants beyond their makeup skills because they also had to act.

Although the challenge was an interesting idea, I didn't find what the contestants had to do exciting. But, like Anthony said in an earlier episode, it's not all blood, guts, and monsters.

Sam decided to turn herself into an older man to trick her husband. The judges really liked her design and said it was really convincing. I can't put my finger on it, but there was something about it that just seemed off about the face. To an extent, I think it looked like a masculine version of herself.

Tate put a "disgust factor" into his design; knowing his girlfriend hates "fat, pasty goth kids," that is exactly what he did for his design. Not only was it a really well done design, it also made his girlfriend shy away from the character which definitely worked to his advantage. His excessive mouth-breathing and overall creepiness probably helped too.

Gage took on a really ambitious design to fool his boyfriend. He turned himself from a "tall, lanky white boy," as Conor put it, into a bigger black woman. I really didn't know if was going to be able to effectively pull all of it off, but he did. The judges were really impressed with his design and the quality he was able to put into it. To me it just looked off, I think largely because of the sheen and texture of the skin color.

I was really impressed with Conor's "less is more" approach to turning himself into an older, bearded Slavic man to fool his sister. You could still tell that it was Conor, but I thought he masked himself enough for it to be an effective disguise and that he didn't need to completely change himself for it to work--the judges thought otherwise and faulted him for his more simplistic approach to the challenge.

Megan's design to fool her mother started with her trying to turn herself into a model that Conor had picked for two previous challenges--for whatever reason. During the application period, she ran into problems and scrapped that idea. She did herself up in beauty make up and made herself appear pregnant. The result was a pregnant Megan with a tan. The judges were greatly disappointed in her design, especially since she was so close to elimination last week.

Sam and Gage were the two top looks of this episode and Sam won overall. This was the first time she was placed anywhere but safely in the middle. Normally, the episode's winner gets to consult with the judges about who they believe should be sent home, but, due to Megan's blatant "failure" of a salvaged design (which she tried to pass off due to being tired and exhausted) the judges sent her home almost immediately after announcing the winner.

Four contestants (Gage, Tate, Sam, and Conor) remain. I really don't like how the show is going from four to the winner. I think another episode with a double elimination before the final episode would be a lot better. They were extremely brief with the preview of the last episode, but I believe it is something to the effect of making their own version of a fairytale character. Make sure you check back to see my review of the final episode.

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