Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Album Review: Bongripper - Sex Tape/Snuff Film

Crushingly Heavy Riffs? Check.
No Vocals? Check.
Up-tempo Riffs That Sound Like They Belong On A Late 90s Pop Punk Album? Check. (But don't exit out of this review just yet!)

Bongripper's seventh release consists of only the two titular tracks and clocks in at just under ten minutes.  Despite the above mentioned seemingly out of character riffs, this release is undoubtedly a Bongripper release. Sex Tape opens with with the pounding drums and droning, sludgy guitars that are found across their entire discography. About halfway through the song it switches to a d-beat based crossover/hardcore riff before switching back to a more slow and plodding rhythm.

Snuff Film starts with some feedback and a melancholy sounding riff before breaking into a bass led, upbeat and uptempo riff that brings to mind the bleached blond hair, shitty mohawks, and hiked-up white tube socks of the 90s "punk" scene.

Just in case you forgot how da bomb that era was. PSYCHE!

Eventually the song gives way back to the Bongripper riffing that we all know and love and that would make the Tom DeLonges of yesteryear shit their Dickie's shorts. The song finishes up with some start and stop riffing mixed with some ever-so-welcome feedback.

Bongripper has effectively been able to add elements from other genres to their albums while still maintaining a sound that is specifically their own.  From the experimental aspects of Hate Ashbury to the black metal inspired Satan Worshiping Doom, they have been able to incorporate other styles of music that thematically fit their releases while not losing what makes them Bongripper. How pop punk ties into an album titled "Sex Tape/Snuff Film" is still beyond me.  Anatopisms aside, this is a solid release, even if it is a slight change of pace (ha ha!) for the band.  You can download Sex Tape/Snuff Film, as well as all their other releases, from their bandcamp page.

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